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October 19–21, 2023 | Charlottesville, VA

Democracy from every angle

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Democracy360 brings together thought leaders, journalists, policymakers, scholars, activists, artists, and students of all ages to imagine how we can collectively shape a thriving democratic future. The Atlantic is the official media partner of Democracy360.

Featured Speakers

Featured Events

A Global Imperative: Free Press, Free Flow of Ideas

Michael Abramowitz, Susan B. Glasser, Amna Nawaz, Michael Powell

Vibrant societies and healthy democracies rely on the free flow of ideas, but ensuring a free press is a constant struggle. For this session, a panel of journalists and experts explores the state of freedom of the press in the United States and around the world—and what it means for the future of democracy.

11:15am - 12:30pm
The Paramount Theater

President’s Council on UVA-Community Partnerships: Anchor Institutions as Civic Participants

Ben Allen, Harold Folley, Pace Lochte, Cristine Nardi, James E. Ryan, Ridge Schuyler

Panelists discuss how the University of Virginia has worked collaboratively to address key challenges to civic participation, including housing, workforce development, educational opportunities, and access to health care.

2:00pm - 3:00pm
The Rotunda Dome Room

Women in Print and on Film: 50 Years of Feminism at Home and Abroad

Emily Burrill, Samhita Sunya, Siva Vaidhyanathan, Jennifer Weiss-Wolf

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf of "Ms." magazine and UVA cinema expert Samhita Sunya join a live recording of the Karsh Institute’s "Democracy in Danger" podcast. Weiss-Wolf’s work is featured in the new book "50 Years of Ms." Sunya studies film, feminism, and gender dynamics in South Asia and the Middle East.

1:00pm - 2:00pm
Light House Studio


The Karsh Institute of Democracy will host Democracy360 in Charlottesville from Oct. 19-21, bringing together journalists, policymakers, scholars and students to explore the biggest challenges facing democracy today.

The free three-day event features an impressive lineup of speakers and The Atlantic as the official media partner.